VA – There Is No Authority But Yourself – 15 Years Creme Organization – Part 1 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

“Ok, so 15 years in this invigorating game is enough to get us all teary-eyed and melancholic and wandering ponderously on the meandering roads of reminiscence…..

Not! Here’s some FREE smack to celebrate this joyous occasion and onwards to the next 15 years. Part 1 so you know what that means! Get ready for the geriatric experience and special Creme ointments for your shingles. Now there’s something to look forward to.

Stay alert this year for a whole bunch of showcases around this rock we call home (Sonar, ADE, Incubate to name a few), a few new artists in the ever expanding fold, a superduper Godspill artwork BOOK (owyeah!), guestmixes by some of the shithottest DJ’s on the planet (so say we) and more exciting collaborations in the Valley of Shadows.

Mega thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, all the artists, DJ’s, promotors, journos, squatters, slackers, stewardesses, bell boys and chamber maids. There’s too many of you to mention, but we love you all!

So next time you quaff some pints in the local boozer, raise one to Creme, for the next time we meet drinks are on us!

Your donations to keep the Medusa floating are highly appreciated.”

VA – There Is No Authority But Yourself – 15 Years Creme Organization – Part 1 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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