Conforce – Travelogue EP [TRSDW002]

Stepping up for the second release on his own Transcendent label, the unstoppable Conforce offers up four more tracks of studiously deep and moving music that is as filmic as it is atmospheric. His Travelogue EP features four cuts that continue ion the Dutchman’s fine tradition of fusing moods and grooves in submerged and aqueous ways. Up first is ‘Phase7’, with little sounds scurrying across dollops of thick bass synth. Eventually a deep and subliminal rhythm emerges to float you through the deep abyss and little rays of light shine though to light the way. ‘Informatica’ is laced up with nervy, edgy pads and distant siren sounds as well as hunched percussion and ambient soundscaping. It’s heady and physical at the same time and really comes from another sound world entirely. On the flip, ‘Coast to Coast’ has more human charm and melody to it but still wallows in the deepest oceans, with supple and subtle rhythms and tons of detail all fizzing about and firing your every synapse. Finally, Zero Eight Five toys with spangled synth lines, feint percussive impressions and lots of gloopy bass to transfix you in a hypnotic headspace.


Conforce – Travelogue EP [TRSDW002]

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