Lerosa – Your Soul [BAR009]

LEROSA - Your Soul

Italy-born, Dublin-based producer Leopoldo Rosa aka Lerosa returns with his second EP in 2016 and continues a string of excellent releases for Croatian label Barba. “Your Soul” comes as the 9th release of Barba, and is very much in the area of previous ones – heady, mental and diverse. Lerosa effortlessly manoeuvres between genres on this 4-tracker, while at the same time keeping the overall sound and vibe consistent. 303-reminiscent synth serves as an underlying leitmotif which appears in every track, but in a different manner. Blood is an obvious A1, direct and trippy techno with a misty mood. With Duelist Lerosa wears his electro suit, while maintaining the atmosphere sketched out by the first track. Ghost sits right in between the first two, with its 1/2 tempo serving justice to the track’s feeling of neither resting nor moving. B2, Your Soul, is a house track with an elegant Lerosa twist on the classic Chicago vibe.


Lerosa – Your Soul [BAR009]

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