Griessmühle Weekend Ahead

This weekend we are heading again to Berlin for a quality and diverse music cure. It’s been 2 years already since our last visit to the techno city, so we will try to make the best of it, as always.

This time will be a first as we will spend out entire weekend in the same club. Griessmühle has lined up some great artists this weekend, so we decided to make it our home until in the late hours of the Monday morning.

Friday night we will have Bleak, Johannes Volk and Savas Pascalidis in the techno room and DJ Overdose and Hakim Murphy for some electro and acid in the second room.

facebook event

Saturday is the main night for us when the things start to get deep & sick. In one room we will have L.I.E.S.’ Florian Kupfer and AN-i aka Lee Douglas from Cititrax and our personal favorite June. Doug Lee played last November in Bucharest and we were raving, so we have great expectations. In the other room house and techno will be spinned by Zadig with his new side project Kern Space Adventures, Daniela la Luz live and Tallmen.785.

facebook event

Griessmühle Weekend Ahead

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