DT CAMP 2019

If you ask me, DT Camp is by far the best electronic music festival in Europe. The remote location is very beautiful, on the banks of an emerald-green lake, surrounded by the wild forests of Lithuania. The crowd is equally mixed with local and people coming from all corners of Europe, all in search for the same thing. A serious rave! The vibe there is unbelievable. Everybody is on the same page, thee is a great sense of unity and freedom. And on top of this, if the weather is nice you can bathe into the warm waters of the lake.

Here is a flashback from 2018, when we were there.

Unfortunately due to some logistic issues we cannot be there this year, and when you take a look at this crazy line-up you can imagine how sorry we are that we missed it.

Anwar Brokntoys, Benedikt Frey, Blackmoon77, Chino LIVE, Credit 00 LIVE, Daniele Cosmo, Dzuma, Elena Sizova, Ernestas Sadau, Gamma Intel, Heap, Intergalactic Gary, Jokūbas Bajorinas, Joshua Cordova, Konsistent LIVE, Kris Baha LIVE, Lukas Danys, Maenad Veyl LIVE, Maoupa Mazzochetti LIVE, Mark Knekelhuis, Marsman, Mick Wills, Morah, MUK, NKS, Olivia, Philipp Otterbach, Ranishe Niyaak, Retrograde Youth, Roman Sputnik, Stallone The Reducer LIVE, Timothy J Fairplay, Urexboyfriend, Vitanov

DT Camp is almost sold out by now. There are a limited number or tickets available and there will be no tickets at the door. For registration and tickets check https://camp.digital-tsunami.org.

facebook event / DT


DT CAMP 2019

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