Mule Driver – Muladona

Mule Driver is a Tel Aviv based producer, sound artist, musician and DJ, Founder and Owner of Confused Machines label, bass player in the renounced industrial-punk band Mujahideen, and half of the library music duo Group Modular. Mule Driver’s music is a dark tribute to the sound of classic analogue machines and acid-house aesthetics, wrapped up in a unique live delivery.

“I’ve recently recorded a new project called Muladona, named after a book by the same name, about a cursed woman who turned into the devil’s mule. I started recording at the peak of the COVID pandemic here in israel, and wanted to convey the tense atmosphere of the book and of the times. In this project I’ve worked with less gear, and focused more on textures, to create an eerie, haunted and somewhat distorted sound. Every night, the Muladona, a doomed soul transformed into the Devil’s mule, visits Verge and forces him to listen to a horrific tale. Each night, as Verge huddles under his bed sheets, the monster’s supernatural tales tear his soul apart.”

Mule Driver – Muladona

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