VA – Field Records – Collection [FCD001]

Field Records is to release a 2CD compilation of music from the labels artists old and new entitled simply, Collection. The imprint keeps up the Dutch tradition of releasing deep, Detroit-inspired electronic music with high-class contributions from various artists. Built on minimalism and modesty, the boutique label has expanded into a consortium for quality since first emerging in 2008. Artists such as Conforce, Delta Funktionen, DJ Sprinkles, Steffi, Mark Du Mosch and many other assured talents have all appeared on the label before now with sounds that range from deep, classically include house to more rough edged and raw techno. It’s much the same case on this expansive new two CD release, which will also be offered up as 3 x vinyl sampler. Across both CDs, established artists rub shoulders with more recently emerging talents and plenty of coherent and creative ground is covered in the exclusive new tracks. Things start off with the grainy ambiance of Sons Of Melancholia’s ‘Theme From The Lake’ before the likes of Delsin’s Unbroken Dub serves up a crawling bit od dubbed out techno, Acronym explores finely planed techno minimalism and Polar Inertia gets all heady and industrial on their ‘Sonic Outlaws’ contribution. Disc 2 starts off with lumpy ambiance before evolving through broken beat pieces, streamlined and stripped back techno and frazzled acid workouts. As a listening experience from start to finish this compilation works perfectly, too, because it never repeats the same trick. Featuring an exquisite selection of tracks by talented artists as well as contemporary favourites, Collection functions as a blueprint of the sound of the Field records label, delving into new geographical and musical territory in style.


VA – Field Records – Collection [FCD001]

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