CWS – Untitled [STRUMENTS004]

CWS - Untitled

CWS (pronounced ”Classicworks”) is the new brainchild of Cardopusher and Nehuen, and their debut release for Barcelona imprint Struments Records presenting their first explosive statement as a formulated duo. ”Untitled EP” sees them experiment with new forms of production and creation. These four tracks of raw, analogue fetishized techno draw you out of this world and into an acid drenched bunker in outer space, with rhythms and synthesis drawn exclusively from analog gear. The A side showcases two very blunted electronic jams – beginning with the overdriven synth and drum layers of ”Untitled 01”, and rounding off with the tape saturated, funky yet introspective electro jam of ”I”. The B Side sees things set off into hypergear; ‘Untitled 02’ ignites the dancefloor with its relentless kick and hard, acid-inspired bassline. The EP is topped off beautifully with a remix by Rephlex Records electro superhero and Breakin Records boss DMX Krew, flipping the forward drive of ‘Untitled02’ into a staccato old skool electro breakdance, drenched in sinister pads and block-rattling orchestra stabs. An absolute essential for the DJ crates worldwide.


CWS – Untitled [STRUMENTS004]

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