Skudge – Balancing Point [SKUDGELP002]

When the duo Skudge started out in late 2009 with their first release on Alphahouse, followed by a string of underground hits on their own label Skudge Records, little did they know that they would be in the forefront of the Stockholm sound of the dawning 2010’s. The complex rhythm textures combined by a echoing audial lightness that still runs unparalleled, paired with sub intense quick basslines and swirling percussion has been the trademark. This updated take on the techno and house crossover of today got appreciated and caught the attention of a full spectrum of artists. With a tight release schedule, 2010 alone saw 6 releases from the Skudge hub. Culminating in 2011 with the release of ‘Phantom’, the full length album release on the home imprint, followed by the sub labels that releases other artists as well. Five years from that era, Skudge has reshaped into the solo work from one of the original artists. This change of production and artistry launches into the crates with the release of the limited full length ‘Balancing Point’ LP. During this time, the sound has shifted into new territory, where the entire A-side acts as the beginning of this grooving whirlpool of a record: quick and immense. The UK influences that was formed in the 90’s, gets picked up and infused through the B-side, ending off in a almost orchestral piece. The delicate subtleness of the second 12′ showcases a familiar coming-of-light type of style that we so much appreciate, firmly ending the long player and leave us sure of the future.


Skudge – Balancing Point [SKUDGELP002]

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