Skudge – Circles / Tundra [SKUDGE010]

Skudge levitates into 2017 with tracks from a well-known place… Infectious groove and stabs reflects our most fond warehouse memories. For starters, ‘Circles’ reminds us of the first three releases, but in a updated shape – the beats are as tight as ever, with the accompanying melodies fitting right into their place. The A-side track has that special Skudge vibe that managed to establish them as a force to reckon with. As proven with the LP from last year, things are sounding and looking as exciting as ever! In stark contrast to the straight to the floor A-side, ‘Tundra’ on the flip resembles the calmer and on the edge of careful sound that Skudge has been running in parallel of their club oriented material. Sure, this one works well in that environment too, but it’s more minded approach might require some extra attention on the floor – however, this first EP of the new year facilitates what was promised with the LP: this is exciting times for Skudge.


Skudge – Circles / Tundra [SKUDGE010]

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