DT CAMP 2018

Digital Tsunami presents this summer their 3rd rave camp in the wild Lithuania forests, with an insane line-up that makes us droll.

We are not really festival goers as we don’t like huge crowds of people, multi-stage festivals and all that crazy hustle that a music festival means nowadays. It’s more like a Disney land for adults than a musical and cultural event.
We like small events that attract less people, but people who come there for the music and nothing else. In the past we went at Off-Sonar parties in 2009, at the first editions of Stop Making Sense in 2010 and Dekmantel’s Selectors in 2016, both on the beaches of Croatia, the Unsound Festival in 2013 and in 2017 at Strange Sounds from Beyond in Amsterdam. These smaller events come closer to the definition of festival for us.

The idea to have a rave, in a isolated secret location, on the banks of an emerald-green lake, surrounded by wild forests in Lithuania suits us like a pair of surgical gloves; and when the curator of this 2 days event is the crew from Digital Tsunami, you can expect only excellence in the line-up. For us is a bit difficult to reach Lithuania from Romania, but this year we made the effort and reserved the DT Camp tickets early in November, even though there were no artists announced at that time.

They made a really incredible job booking-wise and with each bunch of artists that they announced we got more and more excited. A big chunk of the line-up is composed of artists affiliated to Pinkman Records, Knekelhuis and Lux Rec, three of the most reliable labels in the last years. There are some interesting live acts: the Dutch electronic music pioneer Das DingLVRIN one of my favorite producers in recent years, Lithuanian Patricia Kokett which will have his debut soon on Knekelhuis and Kӣr the head of Drugstore institute from Belgrade. They have veteran selectors like Golden Pudel’s Phuong-Dan, Daniele Cosmo co-founder of Lux Rec, Alessandro Adriani the head on Mannequin Records and Mark Knekelhuis.
From Minsk comes the electro engineer Elena Sizova who had collaborated with Drexciya’s Gerald Donald, from Krakow comes Olivia from We Are Radar and Unsound Festival, while from Athens comes the electronic maverick Morah. There are also newer interesting faces like Heap co-founder of Neubau, Marsman founder of Pinkman, Identified Patient and Joshua Cordova. Last but not least, the man behind Digital Tsunami, Ernestas Sadau and many others.

DT Camp 2018 is almost sold out, there are a limited number or tickets available and there will be no tickets at the door. For registration and tickets check https://digital-tsunami.org/camp2018/

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DT CAMP 2018

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