Ombra 2021 – Day 3

Sunday morning we were eager to come back as early as possible to the Utopia 126 for the last day of the festival, so we managed to arrive by midday again. At the Ombra Stage, Vinilette was about to finish her vinyl set for the Frigio showcase.

At the Operator Stage, MEJLE from Mechatronica was gently preparing the audience for what will follow. Proper warmup set.

Das Ding was next and you could feel the emotion ramping up. By the end of his performance, when he played the reinterpretation of H.S.T.A., once more there were tears of joy in our eyes.

Next after Das Ding, WAJE took the decks at Operator. He played a really good set the other day on the main stage and now he was stepping in for a 1 hour free slot in the Operator line-up.

We switched rooms to see Juanpablo the Frigio Records boss. He played a 90 minutes set with 100% previous and upcoming Frigio releases, a few Mick Wills edits as well.

We stayed on the Ombra Stage also for the live performance of the Berlin duo, NNHMN. They create moody music infected with dark synths, eerie ambiances and mysterious female volcals.

After this we moved to the Operator Stage for Neud Photo‘s energetic dj set, traveling back and forth between electro, EBM, new beat and industrial.

The cherry on top for us was closing the festival with Leroy Se Meurt. The Paris duo has a mixed background in electronic music and punk-rock and this shaped their sound in a very distinctive way.

Ombra 2021 – Day 3

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