Ombra 2021 – Day 2

After a few hours of sleep by midday we started our second day at Ombra. Ofra was already heating up the cold warehouse of the Operator Stage, offering one of the best dj sets from the festival.

At the Operator Stage followed 4Cantons, a Berlin based musician from Barcelona, who released last year and EP on Enfant Terrible. He played some dark electro, spiced up with touches of techno, EBM and acid.

After this, we headed to the Ombra Stage where Angel Molina, A&R and label manager of 30D Records, was just starting his performance with some ambient tracks, rising the tempo in the next hour going through noise & drone, with carefully wrought sound design and rhythms found even in the beatless techno. Another great experience at the festival.

Adrián Marth was next on the Operator Stage, so we went to see the Italo Moderni boss. He is also from Barcelona, like many other talented artists that Ombra festival showcased this year. Adrián started his live performance with a bit of technical issues, but after a few minutes he was handling it like no other. The stage was his. Full of energy and enthusiasm and the crowd was at his feet. For us was the best live performance from the Operator Stage, during the three days of the festival.

After this we went to the Ombra Stage to wait for the main acts of the day, Esplendor Geométrico and Parade Ground, but we had a nice surprise when WAJE, a veteran DJ from Madrid, was playing a really good all vinyl set on the main stage.

Esplendor Geométrico, the Spanish industrial outfit, killed the night with their industrial & noise live act. They picked it up perfectly from where Angel Molina left it just one hour before.

The last act of the evening was Parade Ground. The Belgian EBM veterans seemed a bit rusty, but this didn’t count as it was an honor to see them live and their songs are still great after 40 years. The crowd started jumping around and sang the lyrics as we were at a karaoke party.

Still buzzing with the Parade Ground songs in our heads we headed home, after a great second day and hoping for the best in the last day of the festival.

Ombra 2021 – Day 2

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