Hipodrome Podcast 007 – Transilmania


The Hipodrome Podcast Series is now at the lucky number 7 and we have the pleasure to bring you a special mix from our mysterious friend from Transilmania, a person on a green shaded land who trans his inner mania. Prepare yourself for a trip in space and time, with a mysterious and experimental Chicago house session.


Your mix is very mysterious and so are you. Can you describe your session, how it was done and what should we expect from it?

It’s traktor shit with so nice tracks to listen to…it has variety and not that monotone nowadays hype music.

Nowbody knows who you are, we only know that you are “a person on a green shaded land who trans his inner mania”. What does this mean?

The idea is to try to expand your total self.

Transilmania comes from Transylvania or is just a coincidence? What’s the idea behind the name?

There is no coincidence; i live in Transylvania. Transilmania = Trans your Mania.

On your blog you have a lot of VIVA’s House TV retrospectives. Is this how you started getting the electronic music virus?

Yes, it is…starting around ’95 or somethin’…great tv shows.I used to write down every weekly show on a black notebook.

Do you have some favorite djs/producers and how did they influence you?

Hmm..soo manyyy. Let’s start with Michael Jackson and end on Bunker and Creme Organization artists.

What is you musical background? Are you also a dj / producer?

I produce music..signed with Gigolo Rec. and some other record labels.

As I already said you are very mysterious. How manage yourself on stage performing in front of the audience?

I rarely play music in clubs..so always it’s something different.

What do you think about the electronic music scene? Are you following this or are focusing just on your own projection on the music?

I only follow my favorite record labels and its artists…nowadays it’s pretty hard to find something with character,vision and originality. Each person should have its own electronic music scene..and not sold from magazines with serious design like those sites from German minimal techno artists.

The electronic music is now half of century old. Which time frame from this period is more interesting for you and when would you prefer to have lived?

I guess autumns and summers back in the 80’s.

What future plans do you have for your mysterious career?

It could be something on MinimalRome next year…I’ll let you know.

What do you listen to besides electronic music? Other hobbies, activities?

I listen lots of music…from soul to dark electronics. Wish i could travel more…i love traveling.

There is anything else you want to add or to transmit to our followers?

Yes…expand your total self !

Tracklist in comments.


Hipodrome Podcast 007 – Transilmania

2 thoughts on “Hipodrome Podcast 007 – Transilmania

  1. Special thanks to Transilmania for the tracklist:

    1.Nav Katze – Wild Horse (Global Mix Communication)
    2.Xon – midnight express
    3.Iron in Flesh – loss
    4.Hi-Ryze – New Horizon
    5.Ross 154 – kaoz
    6.Broccoli Brothers – Ruhrschnellweg (Last Exit Stahlhausen mix)
    7.Dj Overdose – you don’t know the terminator (vocapella)
    8.Ceephax Acid Crew – fantastic planet
    9.Hal 9000
    10.808 State – pacific 707(Britmix)
    11.O.s.p.- 3d(triple bass)
    12.Dj Hyperactive – wide open
    13.Interaccion – esta vacio tu corazon
    14.Pete Namlook & Dr.Atmo – omid/hope
    16.2 Am/fm – electronic justice
    17.Ross 154 – until my heart stops…
    18.Morphosis – mot
    19.Pete Namlook & Dr.Atmo – omid/hope

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