Hipodrome Podcast 012 – Leisureware

William Smith aka Leisureware is a house DJ & promoter from Brixton, London (UK). William manages the Fill Yer Boots blog and organizes events under the same name.  In the last two years he made a bunch of parties with quality house artists like Wbeeza, June, Hunee, San Soda, George FitzGerald, James Braun or Kenton Slash Demon, just to name a few. He compiled for us an over one hour session with deep and raw modern house sounds.


Tell us something about your podcast, where and how it was done and what should we expect?

It’s all muscly house tracks, with some fruity vocals and a dash of acid thrown in. I recorded it at home with two CDJs and a mixer during a nasty bout of food poisoning.

What’s your background, how did you get the electronic music virus?

My progress has been pretty standard. I started with Daft Punk and drilled downwards. Homework still sounds explosive to me though.

What does Leisureware mean and how did you came up with the name?

It means absolutely nothing. It’s also spelt awkwardly, which has led to some confusion. I just carry on regardless.

Can you tell us some of your favorite djs/producers and how did they influenced you?

My favourite producer working today is Omar S. I admire his bloody mindedness. His tracks are very minimal, but filled with life. June’s Cytheria LP is incredible. It strikes a perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. We had the pleasure of putting on Hunee at Fill Yer Boots recently. He has an infectious attitude behind the decks.

You are running the Fill Yer Boots website. Please tell us something about it.

I aim to update it every weekday. It’s rare that I’m stumped for something to post, which is encouraging. You should be able to take a blog post like a recommendation from a clued up mate. No hype, no fuss.

Seen from the outside the UK electronic music scene and especially the London one, is very big and diverse. What can you tell from inside? Do you think it’s a healthy scene? What would you change or improve?

House is having a moment here. There’s a lot of quality music being produced and played. I wouldn’t change much as people are pretty positive.

Under the Fill Yer Boots name you are also organizing events in London with various local and international quests. Where does these events fit in the hole London scene?

That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves. There are so many nights in London. Is another one necessary? Luckily, I believe that there’s always room for nights done for the right reasons, with consideration and passion.

I think music is occupying a lot of your time, managing the blog, djing, promoting and organizing events. What else do you like to do, any unusual hobbies?

I work in publishing, so reading takes up a lot of my time. At the moment, my favourite authors are Julian Barnes, Gerbrand Bakker and Laurent Binet. I also love to eat. There are loads of cheap restaurants serving fantastic food where I live in Brixton. Caribbean, Italian, Japanese… Burgers.

What do you know about Romania? Do you know some Romanian djs maybe someone whom you would like to invite at your parties?

I’m afraid that I’m very ignorant when it comes to Romania! Can I skip this question?

Do you have other thoughts to transmit to our followers?  

Be nice to each other and come to Fill Yer Boots.

Tracklist in comments.

fill yer boots

Hipodrome Podcast 012 – Leisureware

2 thoughts on “Hipodrome Podcast 012 – Leisureware

  1. Tracklist:
    Steve Summers – Dreaming In Color
    Ultramarine – Acid
    Medlar – Terrell (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle)
    Dance Disorder – Metallic Italic (Jeremy Glenn Remix)
    Greymatter – Give It To Me Slow
    Omar S – Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance!! (Shadow Ray Remix)
    Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany – Highway (FCL Remix)
    Deep Space Orchestra – Lo Pan (Trickski Remix)
    Steffi – Kill Me (Instrumental Dub Mix)
    Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Dub Mix)
    Processory – Trickle Down (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
    Jus Ed – I’m Comin’ (Levon Vincent Remix)

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