Jeff Mills – Sleeper Wakes [XE CD-1122]

The Sleeper Wakes is a project created by Jeff Mills that focuses on the proactive aspects in Electronic Music. Using the architectural concept of Compression – Release conceptualize by Frank Lloyd Wright, Mills creates a scenario whereabouts he makes a profound gesture through a concept entitled “One Man Spaceship” CD/Events – Womb/Tokyo 2005; an adventurous approach to Electronic Music by applying Classical orchestrations in ways that were uncompromising and without much explanation. Immediately following the debut this release, he choses to step back and disappear from the Japanese Electronic music scene for a scheduled timespan of (4) four years. In this time, Mills has been constantly creating a new style of music for the next and final phase of the Sleeper Project. Conceptually, he explains that he is now travelling the Universe in search of New Worlds to explore(“Worlds” meaning Sounds in Music). His calculation is that such a extended absence from his long and close relationship with the Japanese music audience would create the foundation in which new ideas can be displayed, taking a giant step forward in terms of what the audience would be prepared for. Jeff Mills’ expected return date to Earth (Womb/Tokyo, Japan) will be the first second of the first day of the Year 2010 (New Years Eve 01:01:10 – 12:01am). Listen
Jeff Mills – Sleeper Wakes [XE CD-1122]

One thought on “Jeff Mills – Sleeper Wakes [XE CD-1122]

  1. Tracklisting:
    1. Eve/Crab Nebula
    2. Space Walk
    3. Radiation Storm
    4. Oxide Garden
    5. Burn Off/Approaching Europa/ Docking Procedure
    6. Satellite Retrieval / The Occurrence
    7. The Visitor
    8. Diametric
    9. From Beyond The Star
    10. A Peaceful Encounter
    11. Mysterious Stars
    12. Metaphysical Reaction

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