Innergaze – Shadow Disco [SILK008]

100% Silk return with another exceedingly alluring drop, this time from Aurora Halal and Jason Letkiewicz aka Innergaze. Lithe, sexy post-punk disco is the vibe, NYC in 1981/2011 is the setting for ‘Shadow Disco’, strutting to languid dub bassline and preening synth flashes, before ‘Way Of Life’ retires to the balcony to ahem, powder one’s nose and gaze out at glittering harbour lights dancing off glass-curtained high rises. Soon enough the seductive, panther-purring bassline, cooing big-haired women and rippling rototoms of ‘Hypnogogisco’ beckons us back to the middle of the floor and the chick with the biggest hair asks ‘What’s Your Body Doing Tonight’, only it comes out all syrupy slow and you realise you shouldn’t have necked that pint of GHB.


Innergaze – Shadow Disco [SILK008]

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