Nuel – Tecnica [SEM086]

Manuel Fogliata is one of Italian techno’s most singular artists and deservedly gets lumped in with the modern sound of Rome alongside such greats as Donato Dozzy: whom he’s collaborated with as Aquaplano. The Madrid based Semantica imprint is a fitting home for his style of tribal-trance techno, which incorporates hypnotic elements (much like his peers) but with more emphasis on polyrhythms: his niche. A side cut “Blue-Ray” is one such track: a Roman raindance.. if we’ve ever heard such a thing! On the flip, he’s got you covered for droning/tripped-out late night adrenaline on “Caustic” while “Deep Thought” really does rate him up there with legends like Mike Parker or Cio D’or when its comes to conjuring those ghosts in the machine: this is real heady techno geared for some proper ‘WTF’ moments on the dancefloor.



Nuel – Tecnica [SEM086]

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