Arnaud Rebotini – To (Wo)Men On The Assembly Line [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Arnaud Rebotini started to give away free tracks on his soundcloud page a month ago in his “Quarantine” series. Since then he release 8 EP with tracks by himself and remixes from producers from all around the world. “To (Wo)Men On The Assembly Line”, the last EP of the series, is including an original and 6 remixes from David Carretta, Djedjotronic, Jensen Interceptor & Kris Baha, Max Durante and Perel.

“We are now in our last week of strict confinement. So I’m going to interrupt this weekly EP series but with the eight title, I want to pay tribute to the women and men who have allowed the country to continue to operate during this period. But also to all those who will resume their work in factories, in the construction, food processing and services that will boost the economy, often in jobs that are poorly regarded and low paid but so essential to the functioning of our society.’ 

Arnaud Rebotini – To (Wo)Men On The Assembly Line [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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