Casco – Cybernetic Love [HM1004R]

CASCO - Cybernetic Love (feat Danilo Braca remix)

Recorded and released in 1983, ‘Cybernetic Love’ was the first of a string of Italo-era club hits from the late Salvatore Cusano AKA Casco – an undeniably the most impactful and timeless. On the A-side you’ll find the original mixes: a sweet vocal version featuring lyrics seemingly about falling in love with a robot, and an instrumental tale in which Cusano and his collaborators’ dreamy chords, sparkling synthesizer melodies, funky electro bass and unfussy machine drums come to the fore. Over on the flip you’ll find a new remix from Danilo Braca. He wisely retains the feel of the original, adding a few clonking electronic bleeps and a more chugging groove, whilst retaining the sparkling melodies and immersive chords.


Casco – Cybernetic Love [HM1004R]

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