Clio – Faces [PLT677MIX]

CLIO - Faces (reissue)

Worthy italo re-issue of this early Roberto Ferrante’s project. Roberto started his career being part of various electronic music groups in Naples around the early 80s. In 1985 “Faces” came out, a simple but direct and honest song with an irresistible rhythm and lyrics that tends to move away from that typical dark sound in other Italo-Disco songs of that era. This song is a triumph for synthesizers and electronic drums as it’s fully electronic, something still a rarity in those days. The beautiful melody and spiritual essence of ”Faces” represent the revolution of a new beginning of the Italian pop of the 80s with a perfect arrangement by Roberto Ferrante, a bouncing bassline, and strong and clear vocal. The sweet and sensual voice, full of personality and charm is by Clio (Maria Chiara Perugini).


Clio – Faces [PLT677MIX]

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