Dim Garden – A Dauntless Sprite Descends [ITALO MODERNI]

Italo Moderni presents “A Dauntless Sprite Descends” the new album of The Hague’s electronic music producer Dim Garden aka Sara Vollmond. This is a musical jewel and each tracks is a part of the astral journey in the enchanted forest of Dim Garden in The Hague. Giant mushrooms and animals running alongside us while they wink at us, so that we can continue to enter the forest while some magicians with giant long beards are playing synthesizers in the treetops in the light of the Moon. When we believe that we have completed the entire forest, a giant light appears from the bottom of the forest and all the animals go towards it, to pay their respect. One of the Forest Gods of Dim Garden appeared… the white wizzard named ”Legowelt” with a super magic remix and his fast paced take on the track ”Visions of Love” and all his synths around him. The housekeeper of the Forest is Jentlemen with her Remix of ”Na Mata”. Without realizing it, you have already been absorbed by the essence and atmosphere of Dim Garden… Open your eyes… or was it just a dream?

Dim Garden – A Dauntless Sprite Descends [ITALO MODERNI]

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