Mohamad Zatari Trio – Istehlal LP [ZEHRA007]

Zehra presents the debut album “Istehlal” by the Mohamad Zatari Trio, consisting of musicians from Syria, Iran & India. The trio merges traditional Middle Eastern sounds with contemporary vibes including interpretations of Hossein Alizadeh & Riad Al-Sunbati classics. In a contemporary globalized world where music has lost its borders and is fighting a constant – yet particular – stream of Western commodification, the Mohamad Zatari Trio stands out as an original cultural artefact, aiming at transcending the boundaries between different music worlds. Founded in 2019 the ensemble had its first public appearance in 2020 at the Outernational Virtual Festival. comprising the performers Sara Eslami (Iran) on tar, Avadhut Kasinadhuni (India / Romania) on tabla and Mohamad Zatari (Syria) on oud. Their debut Istehlal plunges into its own aesthetics, politics and sound intricacies and represents the combined efforts of three musicians hailing from different, yet deeply rooted cultures. Over the course of eleven songs, the album transcends stylistic, ideologic and geographic boundaries and reflects on the human condition in an interconnected and interrelated technological world.

vinyl / CD

Mohamad Zatari Trio – Istehlal LP [ZEHRA007]

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