Fashion Flesh – Rubber Mountain LP [BL007]

Fashion Flesh aka John Talaga from Bay City, Michigan, is known for his “off the grid” approach to music. Most all of the instruments used to perform and produce are self-built electronics, oscillators, generators, sound toys, and modulators. Those that are not built from one’s own design are heavily modified beyond audible recognition or return. No sampling/stolen sound is ever used or sucked from outside pre-existing sources. No laptops, instead tape manipulation and hard copy cut-ups…analog devices that are built for specific purpose and dis-purpose. “Rubber Mountain” is his first full LP, 6 tracks of mutant mayhem on The Black Lodge label, spanning from odd italo-disco flavors, to no-wave, post-punk, jakbeat, and experimental sounds from the beyond. Equally for the dancefloor and home listening, this record has it all.


Fashion Flesh – Rubber Mountain LP [BL007]

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