Levon Vincent – Fabric 63 [FABRIC125]

Track artwork

Given his meteoric rise over the last two years, it’s perhaps no surprise to find New York-based techno star Levon Vincent behind the decks on this latest Fabric mix. His mixing and production style – dubby, fluid and loose, but prone to periods of paranoid darkness and intense moments of sun-bright clarity – is tailor-made for an album like this. As a result, Fabric 63 is a memorable journey that touches on all of these traits, from the spine tingling, dubwise deepness of his own “The End” and apocalyptic “Early Reflections”, to the elastic, melody-driven rubberyness of Joey Anderson, reflective groovery of Jus-Ed and growling menace of Anthony Parasole.


01 Joey Anderson – Earth Calls [Deconstruct Music]
02 DJ Jus-Ed – Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix) [Underground Quality]
03 JM De Frias – Intrinsic Motivation [Deconstruct Music]
04 Levon Vincent – Stereo Systems [Novel Sound]
05 Levon Vincent – Polar Bear [Deconstruct Music]
06 DJ QU – Times Like This [The Corner]
07 Levon Vincent – Fear [Novel Sound]
08 Levon Vincent – Double-Jointed Sex Freak II [Novel Sound]
09 Joey Anderson – Hydrine [Deconstruct Music]
10 Anthony Parasole – Tyson [Deconstruct Music]
11 Levon Vincent – The End [Novel Sound]
12 Black Jazz Consortium – Blacklight [Soul People Music]
13 Levon Vincent – Early Reflections [Novel Sound]
14 Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II [Novel Sound]
15 Black Jazz Consortium – Far Away (Atmospheric Pass) [Soul People Music]

Levon Vincent – Fabric 63 [FABRIC125]

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