Container – LP [SP025]

Cover art - Container: LP

The second full-length self-titled album by Ren Schofield’s Container project, “Container” is spare, minimal, Noise-influenced outsider Techno with a rigid focus. The opening track establishes the tonal palette of the record, with bit-crushed rhythms set against a deceptively simple drum pattern. A careening, looped oscillation appears midway through the track and steadily gains momentum and position in the mix. Schofield is adept at making these jarring juxtapositions feel organic and coherent. Standout track “Acclimator” teems with insectoid chatter and whips up fascinating polyrhythms by way of its creative and judicious use of delay. Some may write off Noise-Techno as trendy and topical (and perhaps much of it is), but Schofield’s efforts are well worth a listen.


Container – LP [SP025]

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