Valanx – Ejecta Remixes [19DIAM]

The second album by Valanx called Ejecta gets the remix treatment. Four artists, each with their own unqiue sound, have reworked their favorite track of the album and gave the music their own twist and sound. The Exaltics turns Beyond doubt into a dark brooding metallic industrial beast with a strong and dominant sub bass line that will damage your speakers. CRC, one half of the finnish electro masters Morphology creates a trippy psychedelic techno epic on his take of the track Chasm and showcases a masterpiece of drum programming and creation of atmosphere. On the flip, Trail of Conjuration gets the remix treatment by ADMX-71 aka Adam X. His version takes the tribal aspects of the original and turns it into a dark industrial techno drenched track that immediately lets you think of an old abandoned warehouse drowned in strobe light and fog and a massive rave taking place. Last but not at all least it is Louis Haimans turn and he creates a wonderful deep dub techno track out of Legion v2. The sub bass and deep chords are whirling and will hypnotize the listener with endless echoes and reverbs.


Valanx – Ejecta Remixes [19DIAM]

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