DJ Jus Ed / Mr. G – Goatee EP [UQ061]

For the latest outing on his prolific Underground Quality label, deep house veteran Jus Ed is joined by veteran UK techno maestro Mr G. Each producer delivers two tracks in their trademark styles. Unsurprisingly Mr G’s tracks are tough, stripped-back, atmospheric and heavy, with the hypnotic spookiness of “Freakshow” just edging out the bumpin’ beats, weighty bass and minor key chords of “Billares Londres The Rum”. In contrast, there’s an inherent tunefulness about Jus Ed’s two analogue deep house jams. Choose between the subtle steel drum melodies, sinewy synth-strings and Balearic house grooves of “GoTee Stroke”, and the ultra-deep dub house flex of “Heaven Sent”.


DJ Jus Ed / Mr. G – Goatee EP [UQ061]

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