Morphology – Twelve 1/2 LP [F029/FS030]

For more than twelve years, Morphology have been re-writing the rules of electronics. Michael Diekmann and Matti Turunen have melted electro, IDM and techno into their own unique sound. To celebrate their achievements, FireScope has sifted through the impressive discography of this Finnish pairing to bring long out of print tracks back to life. Split over two 2×12 inche releases, Twelve 1 & 2 brings together a decade’s worth of music released between 2009 and 2019, 24 works that traverse genres and labels like Abstract Forms, AC Records, Analogical Force, Central Processing Unit, Cultivated Electronics, diametric., Inner Space Records, Semantica, Stilleben and Vortex Traks.

Twelve 1 / Twelve 2

Morphology – Twelve 1/2 LP [F029/FS030]

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