Hipodrome’s 2013 Review (Part 3 of 3)

Here is the third and final part of my 2013 review, featuring my favorite albums released last year. In the first part of the review, the preferences of hipodrome followers are shown, according to the number of click and stars. In the second part, I presented some of my favorite events and performances from last year.


Now here it comes the serious business. Because there are so many good albums and different genders, I took the same approach as in the 2012’s review.

The list is covering all the genders that I like and post on The Hipodrome Of Music, so I came up with no more than 20 gender lists, going from house to techno, disco and funk to electro and new wave …

Here we go.

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Hipodrome’s 2013 Review (Part 3 of 3)